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Funny Video of the Month

 Most Ridiculous Pick-Up Lines

Have you ever heard someone use a pick-up line on another person? Perhaps you may have even been the recipient of one.


Watch this hilarious reporter cruising for single ladies while using the worst pick-up lines ever heard; in essence a "what not to do".


Watch and listen to the hilarious pick-up lines used.


IT News

PicNet TV

The people behind the Pixeon Multimedia Newsletter would like to introduce the new PicNet TV channel.


PicNet TV contains a series of videos with useful information regarding IT related topics, covering areas such as IT Project Management and Javascript Development.


The PicNet TV channel is frequently updated with new videos to help you with your IT related issues.


Subscribe today and start watching PicNet TV.


YouTube Clips of the Month

Our specially picked YouTube Clips of the Month

Rolo: Think twice about what you do with your last rolo.


Free Money: Would you ignore someone giving away free money?


Grow a Moustache: Grow and shave a moustache in 45 seconds.


IT News

Microsoft Windows 7 Released

Three years after Microsoft introduced the bug-ridden and poorly received Windows Vista to the world, Microsoft has finally launched Windows 7.


Boasting features such as touch-screen compatibility, stability and performance improvements, and a better "fun-factor", Windows 7 looks to be a far better operating system than its predecessor.


Find out more about Windows 7 and its new features.



Watermelon Art 

We all know and love the sweet and juicy watermelon fruit, but have you ever seen watermelon art?


Collected in this gallery are some of the most incredible art pieces cut from watermelons ever seen.


Take a look at some amazing Watermelon Art.



IT News

PicNet Users Group - Building resilience into the enterprise

Resilience has been defined as: “An enterprise-wide state of readiness including people, processes, information, facilities and third-parties as well as technology to cope effectively with potentially disruptive events. Resilience aims to make businesses (not just IT departments) ‘always-ready’ to manage change.


The PicNet Users Group identified resilience and Continuous Operations as key features of any BCP and DR.


Take a look at photos of the PicNet Users Group Inaugural Meeting.




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