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Funny Video of the Month


John Pinette

"France & Italy"

"I'll kill you later because I need directions. Get in the car!"


With France right next door to Italy, you'd think that you could have the best of both cultures when you visit these well-loved lands. Not so for one man.


Comedian John Pinette describes his time in France and Italy on a business trip, with some hilarious anecdotes.



IT News

Everything you need to know about Windows 7

"There may be a lot of reasons to switch to Windows 7 at home, but what about at work? 


Some analysts say it's inevitable for businesses that skipped Windows Vista and stuck with XP—if they want to keep up, they'll have to consider Windows 7 as computers continue to age."


Take a look at the many new features of Windows 7.


YouTube Clips of the Month

Our specially picked YouTube Clips of the Month

Cats Talking: "You told me you loved me!"


School Answering Machine: "To swear at staff members, press 4"


The Wardrobe: "...and that's how I ended up in the wardrobe"


IT News


Windows 7 Review

There's been a lot of talk about Windows 7 and its features. In this three part review, the PC WizKid will be exploring some of these as well as how Windows 7 has improved on existing features taken from Windows Vista.


Start watching and learn more about the many available functions and features in these Windows 7 Reviews:


IT News

Five Tips Before Upgrading to Windows 7

After much contemplation and consideration, you've decided to purchase or upgrade to Windows 7, but how exactly should you prepare to make the switch? 


Rocketboom Tech correspondent Ellie Rountree recommends five tips before upgrading to Windows 7.


Take a look at the things you need to consider before upgrading to Windows 7.



IT News

Windows 7 Upgrade Options

With the release of Windows 7 comes a number of available upgrade options. 


There are many options tailored to your specific upgrade needs; whether you're getting a free upgrade from Windows Vista or if you're buying the brand new Windows 7 Ultimate package outright.


Take a look to see the many available upgrade options for Windows 7.




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