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Funny Video of the Month

The Beatles 3000

1000 years in the future, the legacy of John, Paul, Greg, and Scottie remains.


What would it be like to be a historian uncovering the mysterious past of The Beatles? Seen from the eyes of those born in the 32nd century, the history behind the Beatles is slowly reconsctructed to give us a humorous understanding of who The Beatles really were.



IT News

Generate Revenue and Forget About Offshoring

Marco Tapia, a former CIO who now runs an Australian services firm has urged in-house IT staff to promote more revenue generating opportunities to help change the view of IT as solely a cost centre.


"CIOs are good at managing people and human resources - and obviously IT - but they need more skills in marketing, finance and business strategy. The more contemporary CIOs are good at revenue generation."


Read the full article.


YouTube Clips of the Month

Our specially picked YouTube Clips of the Month

Lego Matrix: A side by side spoof of the "Trinity Help" scene.


Invisible bottle: Make a bottle disappear before your very eyes.


Piano Stairs: Use the stairs instead of the escalator.


IT News

Mandatory ISP-Level Filtering for Australia

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has revealed that the Federal Government will introduce laws to make ISP-level filtering mandatory for all refused-classification material hosted overseas. The new filtering plans have made world headlines.


"..the world's technology and political community astounded by his plans for an internet filter.."


Learn more about the proposed mandatory internet filter.



Cool Car Art

Ever wanted to decorate the outside of your car a little? Just wanted to add a little something to make it stand out?


These car owners have taken it up a notch and turned their cars into works of art, with pictures of everything from clowns to gladiators.


Admire some fine works of car-art.




10 Cool Party Tricks

Everyone's got a neat party trick they can do. Well now you can increase your little bag o' tricks with these 10 quirky party tricks.


Balance two forks with nothing but a toothpick. Make a coke can move in mysterious ways. Try your hand at the famous tablecloth yanking trick.


Go and learn some great party tricks!




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