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The iPad

See what all the fuss is about - watch the iPad video.


PicNet News

PicNet unveils Mouse Eye Tracking

A sophisticated, effective (and free) IT solution that maximizes the investment in your website by showing in detail what your visitors are viewing on each page.

What is Mouse Eye Tracking?
How to Install


YouTube Clips of the Month

Our specially picked YouTube Clips of the Month

Creative Star Jumps: Witness elite soldiers in training...

The "Back Up": American Innovation at it's finest. 

Huntsman Hunter: How not to catch a huntsman if you find it in your house...



IT News

Cloud Security

Cloud Security - 10 Questions to ask before you jump in

The hype around cloud computing would make you think mass adoption will happen tomorrow. But recent studies by a number of sources have shown that security is the biggest barrier to cloud adoption.



Microsoft's Muscle Control Interface

 Microsoft's Muscle Controlled Interface

According to various reports, Microsoft has filed for a patent covering several methods of computing that utilize electromyography (EMG). EMG would translate the electrical activity produced by muscles into instructions to control your computer.



IT News

Computer Attack

Computers Under Constant Attack

Thirty per cent of computer systems for the nation's essential services such as banks, government and utilities are repeatedly attacked by hackers every month.





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