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IT News

Windows Phone 7 Series

Windows Phone 7 has been released!

Check out the
promo video here or find more indepth info in this news coverage.


PicNet News

Interview with Guido Tapia on Mouse Eye Tracking

Guido goes over some of the features, benefits and the development of PicNet's Mouse Eye Tracking.

We've released a new version of Mouse Eye Tracking, be sure to check it out here.

What is Mouse Eye Tracking?
How to Install


YouTube Clips of the Month

Our specially picked YouTube Clips of the Month

Apple Parody - Apple releases laptop with no keyboard!

Google Tips - Some handy ways to use Google beyond merely searching for websites. 


IT News

Onshore Outsourcing

The Satyam scandal and the global financial crisis have redrawn the outsourcing landscape. Is it time for CIOs to adopt an onshore strategy?



 20 Things you should know about HTML 5

The HTML5 specification is the much-discussed, much-anticipated follow-on to HTML4, which has grown a little long in the tooth for the kinds of Web applications developers are creating today and aspire to create in the future.




Why it's better to pretend you don't know anything about Computers

It happens to the best of us. A friend or family member asks for computer help, being so close how can you say no?




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