Issue 35 | March 2010

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We're committed to bringing you the latest IT news, PicNet Information, interesting and funny media. This month our latest product, Mouse Eye Tracking has been gathering press attention and a growing user base. See below for a roundup of news items for March.

  • Automatic Google Position Report

    PicNet News | Software Development

    Tracking your website's position on Google can become a lengthy task as your keyword list grows. Our custom software development team has developed this handy free tool to automate the reporting process.

    If you've ever thought of a widget, tool or application that would make your life easier, let us know - We're always open to innovative new ideas.

  • Mouse Eye Tracking in the News

    PicNet News | Articles

    The word is spreading about our latest free web solution, Mouse Eye Tracking, with press releases in CIO Magazine, Computerworld, Life Scientist and PR Wire.

  • PicNet Website Hammered by Hits

    PicNet News | Twitter

    Smashing Magazine recently tweeted (to their 148,000+ subscribers) about our open source plugin the PicNet Table Filter. Since it's release the plugin has been downloaded by thousands of developers worldwide.

    Check out the successful jQuery plugin or follow us on Twitter.

  • Google Leaves China

    IT News | Article

    After a series of cyber attacks earlier in the year, Google has decided to leave China. Now GoDaddy is following suit and will Dell do the same?

  • The great universal truths of IT

    IT News | Article

    CIO Magazine's panel of Australian CIOs weigh-in with some fundamental realities about IT that have stood the test of time.

  • Riverbed performance optimizations beyond the default configuration

    IT Managed and Support Services | PicNet Blog

    IT Managed and Support Services Manager Nicholas White shares some of the additional performance tweaks you can make beyond the out the box configuration.

  • Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?

    Humour | Quiz

    Can you tell a coder from a cannibal? Try to work out which of the following spent their time hacking computers, and which preferred hacking away at corpses instead.

  • How to fix a plasma screen

    Humour | Video

    Don't try this at home...

  • Old vs New Technology

    Interesting | Video

    Which is faster, morse code or SMS?

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