Issue 37 | May 2010

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We're committed to bringing you the latest IT news, PicNet Information, interesting and funny media. This month we've redesigned Mouse Eye Tracking homepage and the
PicNet blogs with a new fresh look. Check them out:
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  • Mouse Eye Tracking Redesign

    PicNet News | Product

    Mouse Eye Tracking

    We've launched a fresh new homepage design for Mouse Eye Tracking.

  • iPad or iPed?

    IT News | Article

    The iPed

    Just a month after it's release, the iPad has already been copied - Introducing the iPed.

  • Construction Cat Calls

    Funny | Video

    Construction Cat Calls

    Be a man!

  • Gadgets to Help you Get Fit

    Interesting | Article

    Gadgets to Help you Get Fit

    Keep your fitness routine going through winter.

  • How do they do it?

    Interesting | Video

    Airline Ad

    Amazing airline advertisement at Manchester Airport

  • Most Competitive Economies

    Interesting | Article

    Most Competitive Economies

    Find out where Australia ranks

  • Nervous Kid

    Funny | Video

    Nervous Kid
  • Animated Optical Illusions

    Interesting | Video

    Animated Optical Illusions


  • Amazing Magic Trick

    Interesting | Video

    Amazing Magic Trick

    How does he do it?

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