Issue 38 | June 2010

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This month we've been prepping for the LinkedIn Sydney IT Managers (SIT) event coming up in July. We're collaborating with Trevor Long Technology Commentator for 2GB and Sky News to demonstrate Mouse Eye Tracking. If you're in an IT management position, join the group on LinkedIn to receive your invite.

Sydney IT Management Group PicNet on LinkedIn PicNet | IT Services
  • Windows 8 plans leaked

    IT News | Article

    Windows 8 Plans Leaked

    See what Microsoft have planned for 2012...

  • Lego Printer

    Interesting | Video

    Lego Printer

    A incredible lego printer uses a felt tip pen to write "hello world".

  • Arsonist blows self up

    Funny | Video

    Arson blows self up
  • The Yahoo Answers

    Funny | Blog

    The Yahoo Answers

    A roundup of the stupidest questions and answers on Yahoo Answers

  • Farthest Goal Ever

    Funny | Video

    Farthest Goal Ever
  • Russian Gymnast

    Interesting | Video

    Russian Gymnast

    An incredible performance.

  • Why Argentinians are good at soccer

    Funny | Video

    Why Argentinians are good at soccer
  • E3 - Playstation Move and Project Natal

    Interesting | Article

    PS3 and Xbox360

    E3 saw the announcement of Playstation Move and Xbox's Project Natal. Which do you prefer?

  • Ninja Kitten

    Funny | Video

    Ninja Kitten

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