Issue 39 | July 2010

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July was a busy month with the LinkedIn Sydney IT Managers (SIT) event. Trevor Long (Technology Commentator for 2GB and Sky News) helped us demonstrate Mouse Eye Tracking to an enthusiastic crowd at KPMG Sydney. See photos of the event here.

  • Move Over Powerpoint

    IT News | Web Application


    We've recently been introduced to Prezi and love it!

  • Move Forward

    Funny | Video

    Move Forward

    Triple M's dedication to Julia's 'Move Forward' campaign slogan.

  • Windows 7 saves $1,400 Per PC

    IT News | Article

    Windows 7 Saves Money

    A good case for business to jump to the newest Windows.

  • Jet Pack Fail

    Funny | Video

    Jet Pack Fail

    I've always wanted to be able to fly, but not like this.

  • Tape Measure Master

    Funny | Video

    Tape Measure Master

    You think you've got skills?

  • Dentist Negotiation

    Funny | Video

    Dentist Negotiation

    Cost is the most important factor?

  • Crash Proof Bike

    Funny | Video

    Crash Proof Bike
  • Why Google wiped out on Wave.

    IT News | Opinion

    Google Wave

    "With Buzz and Gmail, Google's collaborative experiment didn't stand a chance."

  • Jet Engine School Bus

    Interesting | Video

    Jet Engine School Bus

    Now your kids can get to school even faster!

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