Issue 42 | October 2010

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In October, PicNet was one of 35 companies around the world to participate the pilot program for LinkedIn's Company Pages feature. View the local press releases at Dynamic Business and Computer World.

And don't forget to check out our Company Page here.

  • Company Pages

    IT News | Article

    LinkedIn Company Pages

    LinkedIn have launched a new feature called Company Pages and we're part of the pilot program. Check it out here.

  • China's Red Gold

    World | Article

    China's Red Gold

    An interactive guide showing China's overseas mining acquisitions and projected growth.

  • Soldier vs Printer

    Funny | Video

    Soldier vs Printer

    Watch as this disgruntled customer shows Hewlett Packard what he thinks.

  • Space Balloon

    Interesting | Video

    Space Balloon

    Can an average person send something into space?

  • MacBook Air

    Interesting | Video

    MacBook Air

    The latest MacBook Air is out.

  • Mediocrity

    Funny | Video


    Subaru take a swipe at Apple's promo videos with this marketing campaign.

  • Funny and strange things on Google Earth

    Funny | Video

    Google Earth

    Take a peek.

  • iTable

    Interesting | Video


    Imagine an air hockey app on this!

  • Telstra T-Touch

    IT News | Article

    Telstra T-Touch

    The world has gone tablet and smartphone crazy. Check out Telstra's offerring here.

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