Issue 43 | November 2010

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In November, PicNet was mentioned in an article by the Sydney Morning Herald covering LinkedIn's release of their new Company Pages feature.

In addition, we've been tweaking the design of the PicNet website for better usability check it out at

  • PicNet in the media

    IT News | Article

    PicNet in the media

    PicNet’s Guido Tapia is interviewed by SMH regarding LinkedIn's launch of Company Pages.

  • Social Media Sobriety Test

    Product | Video

    Social Media Sobriety Test
  • How long can you hold your breath?

    Funny | Video

    How long can you hold your breath?
  • 15 Storeys in 48 Hours

    Interesting | Video

    15 Storeys in 48 Hours

    Think you're a fast worker? Watch this.

  • Jetman

    Interesting | Video


    Watch out Iron Man.

  • Yez Concept Car

    Interesting | Video

    Yez Concept Car

    Uses solar, wind and photosynthesis to create a negative carbon footprint.

  • Facebook Messages

    Interesting | Video

    Facebook Messages

    Dubbed as the Gmail killer, do you agree?

  • MS Office 365

    Product | Article


    Watch the promo video or read the preview article.

  • 127 Hours

    Interesting | Article

    127 Hours

    A film that has caused 14 people to faint. Read about it here or view the trailer.

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