Issue 45 | January 2011

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In January we supported the launch of the new Rust Report, an Australian ICT news and views publication headed by Len Rust and David Varga. Moving forward, PicNet will continue sponsoring, supporting and even contributing some content to the Rust Report. Be sure to check them out at

  • Rust Report 2.0

    PicNet News | Website

    Rust Report 2.0

    Check out the new look Rust Report - An online ICT news and views publication that we're sponsoring.

  • Tropical Cyclone Yasi

    Interesting | Video

    Tropical Cyclone Yasi

    Get a better understanding of this mammoth cyclone. If you're in Queensland, we hope you're sheltered and safe.

  • Ventriloquist Without a Dummy

    Funny | Video

    Ventriloquist Without a Dummy

    Paul Zerdin performing on 'Comedy Rocks with Jason Manford'.

  • Crazy Japanese Kids

    Funny | Video

    Crazy Japanese Kids

    Don't take your kids to MacDonalds in Japan.

  • Amazing Curve Corner Kick

    Interesting | Video

    Amazing Curve Corner Kick

    Roberto Carlos scores another amazing goal with a curve ball from the corner.

  • Internet Explorer Vulnerability

    IT News | Article

    Internet Explorer Vulnerability

    All Windows desktops and servers were vulnerable to a flaw that could allow an attacker to spoof information displayed in a browser.

  • Four Year Old Drummer

    Interesting | Video

    Four Year Old Drummer

    You will love this little 4 year old guy! An amazing talent and watch his facial expressions.

  • Swap Your Laptop with an iPad?

    Interesting | Article

    Can You Swap Your Laptop with an iPad?

    Setup your iPad to replace your heavy laptop. The right hardware, file-sharing plan and apps can make all the difference.

  • We Didn't Start the Fire

    Interesting | Video

    We Didn't Start the Fire

    Watch as pictures are put to lyrics to recreate history in this famous song..

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