Issue 46 | February 2011

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February has been a busy month, ramping up for the release of Mouse Eye Tracking Version 4, including improved domain management, Editable Heat Maps and deployment to the Microsoft Azure Cloud Service. Additionally, ZDNet ran a news story on Mouse Eye Tracking, read the article here or watch the video.

  • Mouse Eye Tracking on ZDNet

    PicNet News | Article


    Check out the ZDNet coverage of Mouse Eye Tracking, including an article and a video including PicNet's Guido Tapia.

  • An Awkward Moment

    Funny | Video

    Awkward Moment

    Can something so small really be so impressive?

  • Championship Point

    Interesting | Video

    Championship Point

    Roddick defeats Milos Raonic in a tough 3 set match with this amazing shot.

  • Amazing Illusion

    Interesting | Video

    Amazing Illusion

    The most awesome rendition of the old "cut the guy in half" trick you've ever seen.

  • Animated Man Band

    Interesting | Video

    Animated Man Band

    The University of Hawaii Rainbow Marching Band does more than just play music.

  • Elevator Coffin Gag

    Funny | Video

    Coffin Gag

    What would you do stuck in an elevator with a dead body?

  • Pilobolus

    Interesting | Video


    This amazing dance group take shadow puppetry to the extreme.

  • China grows as IT outsourcing hub

    IT News | Article

    China grows as IT outsourcing hub

    But intellectual property protections a concern for some.

  • The World's Most Typical Person

    Interesting | Video

    The World's Most Typical Person

    National Geographic's yearlong series examining the specific challenges we face as the worldwide population reaches 7 billion people in 2011

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