Issue 47 | March 2011

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In March we released Mouse Eye Tracking Version 4, read the related press releases at CFO World, CIO Magazine, Computerworld and ARNnet.
In addition, PicNet's Marco Tapia has been contributing to the IT News Publication, The Rust Report, conducting a series of interviews with various CIOs throughout the ICT industry. This month, he talks to Andrew Henderson, CIO of ING Direct on Generating Growth and Revenue with IT.

  • PicNet in the News

    PicNet News | Article

    The Rust Report

    CIO Corner conducted by Marco Tapia speaking with Andrew Henderson, CIO of ING Direct on Generating Growth and Revenue with IT

  • Gin The Dancing Dog

    Interesting | Video

    Gin the Dancing Dog

    Kate and Border Collie Gin perform an impressive Canine Freestyle routine to a James Bond theme on Britain's Got Talent

  • Twins Holding a Conversation

    Funny | Video

    Twins Holding a Conversation

    Twin baby boys having a deep and meaningful conversation.

  • A Day Made of Glass

    Interesting | Video

    A Day Made of Glass

    An interesting look into what could be the future, filled with glass interfaces (and lots of fingerprints).

  • Google Fiber: Ultra High Speed

    IT News | Video

    Google Fiber: Ultra High Speed Broadband

    Google seek to provide a community with Internet access more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have today.

  • Defiant Japanese boat captain

    Interesting | Video

    Japanese Boat Captain

    Defiant Japanese boat captain rode towards tsunami facing 20m waves.

  • Miniatur Wunderland

    Interesting | Video

    Miniatur Wunderland

    The largest model railway in the world and one of the most successful permanent exhibitions in Germany.

  • Google Plus 1

    IT News | Video

    Google Plus 1

    Google introduces new feature "Plus 1" to search. Click +1 to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Read more at CNN.

  • Stuck in Toilet Prank

    Funny | Video

    Stuck in the Toilet

    If someone was stuck in a portaloo, would you help them?

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