Issue 48 | April 2011

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PicNet's Marco Tapia has been contributing to the IT News Publication, The Rust Report, conducting a series of interviews with various CIOs throughout the ICT industry. This month, he talks to Tony Kesby, CIO of Veda Advantage on The art of engaging quality IT staff.

  • CIO's Corner

    PicNet News | Article

    CIO's Corner

    This month, PicNet's Marco Tapia speaks to Tony Kesby, CIO of Veda Advantage

  • "You missed the best bit"

    Funny | Video


    Do you like Doritos as much as this guy?

  • Mouse Eye Tracking

    PicNet News | Video

    Mouse Eye Tracking

    For a quick overview of Mouse Eye Tracking, check out our updated video.

  • Why the iPad wont replace the newspaper

    Funny | Video

    Why the iPad wont replace the newspaper

    The most expensive flyswatter ever made.

  • Google Apps

    IT News | Video

    Google Apps

    Find out how Google Apps can improve your business workflow in this video.

  • Hysterical Bubbles

    Funny | Video

    Hysterical Bubbles

    Enjoy :)

  • The next wave of tech IPOs

    Interesting | Article

    The next wave of tech IPOs

    A spate of possible IPOs of companies such as Groupon and Facebook raises the possibility of a second dot-com boom—and bust.

  • The Next Apple Products

    Interesting | Article

    The Next Apple Products

    An iWatch, iTV, iCard and more. Could one of these be the next target for Apple?

  • The Power of Words

    Interesting | Video

    The Power of Words

    This short film illustrates the power of words to radically change your message and your effect upon the world.

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