Issue 49 | May 2011

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It's our 9 Year Anniversary! The company is in great shape and has positioned its strategy, investments, management and staff to grow even further next financial year. Thanks to all our customers and business partners who have placed their trust in us over the last 9 years.

  • Building Windows 8

    IT News | Video

    Windows 8

    A first look at the new "Windows 8" user interface.

  • A Walk on the Beach

    Interesting | Video

    A Walk on the Beach

    Kinetic sculptor and artist Theo Jansen builds 'strandbeests' from yellow plastic tubing that is readily available in his native Holland.

  • Men in the Kitchen

    PicNet News | Video

    Men in the Kitchen

  • Card Trick

    Interesting | Video

    An amazing trick, where does he get the cards from?

  • Google Chrome OS

    IT News | Video

    Google Chrome OS

    The concept behind Google Chrome OS.

  • Exoskeleton Walk

    Interesting | Video

    Exoskeleton Walk

    UC Berkeley's human engineering team built an exoskeleton - specifically for Austin Whitney to walk at his graduation.

  • The Best and Worst of Google

    Interesting | Article

    Google Best and Worst

    Google's Top 10 Best (and Worst) Innovations of the Year

  • Android Apps for Business

    Interesting | Article

    Android Apps for Business

    Here are 10 apps from Google's Android Market, that are popular and highly rated (on a scale of 1 to 5) by users.

  • Ping Pong Trick Shots

    Interesting | Video

    Ping Pong Trick Shots

    Fake or real? Some amazing Ping Pong trick shots.

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