Issue 50 | June 2011

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This month we held the 4th PicNet User Group at the Hilton Hotel on the 23rd June 2011. We had a great turnout with Trevor Long, Technology Commentator for 2UE, introducing the valuable discussion on gadgets and their impact on corporate IT. We also had an exciting prize giveaway of an iPad 2.

Find out more about the PicNet User Group.

  • PicNet User Group

    PicNet News | Event

    PicNet User Group

    View the photos or see a rundown of all the User Groups we've held so far here.

  • Practical IT Strategy Development

    IT News | Article

    The Rust Report

    Marco Tapia speaks with Rick Vosila, CIO, Chubb Australasia on developing, implementing and maintaining practical IT strategies.

  • Shaping Our Future

    Interesting | Article

    Shaping Our Future

    The Shaping Our Future series examines the challenges and opportunities of the coming decades.

  • Koreas Got Talent

    Interesting | Video

    Korea's Got Talent

    A homeless orphan is now Korea's star thanks to an appearance on the national tv show.

  • Bike Dancing

    Funny | Video

    Bike Dancing

    Two riders crash and walked away unscathed, however their bikes decide the show must go on.

  • Augmented Reality Cinema

    Interesting | Video

    Augmented Reality Cinema

    This app allows you to discover and experience cinematic moments as you visit the locations in which they're filmed.

  • Rolltop

    Interesting | Video


    Rolltop is a portable computer development concept that rolls into a cylinder for greater portability.

  • Giant Hot Wheels Sculpture

    Interesting | Article

    Giant Hot Wheels Sculpture

    Hot Wheels turn from toys into kinetic art thanks to performance artist Chris Burden.

  • How Green is your Internet?

    Interesting | Video

    How Green is Your Internet?

    This story will give you some idea of just how much energy the wired world sucks down.

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