Issue 52 | September 2011

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We recently released a new feature "Time Lapse Heat Maps" to our web based usability tool, Mouse Eye Tracking. This feature allows you to see an animated heat map of website mouse movement so you can better understand visitor behaviour and improve the usability of your website.

Watch the feature video or watch the original Mouse Eye Tracking Video

  • PicNet News

    PicNet News

    PicNet News

    PicNet welcomes new IT managed support client, Terry White Management.

  • Steve Jobs Speech

    Inspirational | Video

    Steve Jobs Commencement Speech

    Steve Jobs' commencement speech to the graduates of Stanford University 2005.

  • YouTube HTML5 Double Speed

    Interesting | Feature

    YouTube Double Speed

    Increase your productivity by watching YouTube videos in double speed!

  • Patty Cake Cats

    Funny | Video

    Patty Cake Cats

    Cute cats playing Patty Cake

  • Lightswitch 2011

    Interesting | Application

    Lightswitch 2011

    Build business applications quickly and easily for the desktop and cloud.

  • Underwater Sydney

    Interesting | Website

    Underwater Sydney

    Check out this new website with great videos of some of Sydney's marine life.

  • Stair Climbing on Head

    Strange | Video

    Stair Climbing on Head

    The most stairs climbed on the head was 15 and was achieved by Sun Xi Zhong (China).

  • Dreamforce Keynote

    Interesting | Video

    Dreamforce Keynote's Marc Benioff and Google's Eric Schmidt discuss the future of cloud computing.

  • NASA Satellite Gag

    Funny | Video

    NASA Satellite Gag

    What would you think if a NASA satellite randomly dropped on your car?

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