Issue 54 | November 2011

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In November our latest interview, 'A Practical Guide to Managing Change' with CIO Debbie Adams was published in partnership with IT news publication, The Rust Report. Debbie is currently the IT Transition Manager at a not for profit medical college and has been a senior consultant at NAB, MLC, KPMG, SMS Technology and others. She has introduced numerous changes at many corporations in Australia and she is also a member of the CM Institute.

  • CIO's Corner

    PicNet News

    The Rust Report

    PicNet's Marco Tapia speaks to CIO Debbie Adams about the role of the CIO in managing change.

  • FedEx Dominoes

    Interesting | Video

    Fed Ex Dominoes

    A Canada Goose ships a hockey stick to an American puppy using FedEx boxes as dominoes.

  • Daughter Chooses the Dark Side

    Funny | Video

    Daughter Chooses the Dark Side

    Watch as a father captures his daughters evil laugh.

  • Jetman

    Interesting | Video


    Amazing pictures from Switzerland show where "jetman" Yves Rossy gave this incredible flying display, using a tailor-made jet pack.

  • LinkedIn Outlook

    Interesting | Video

    LinkedIn Outlook

    You can now access all your LinkedIn connections right from your Outlook inbox with the LinkedIn Outlook Connector.

  • Serious Wii Gaming

    Funny | Video

    Serious Wii Gaming

    A gamer takes the latest Wii game a little too seriously.

  • See through plane of the future

    Interesting | Video

    See plane of the future

    Charlie Champion reveals the Airbus plane of the future, find out more here

  • Build 2011 Keynotes

    Development | Video

    Pink Elephants

    Seeing Pink Elephants

  • The Sword Maker

    Interesting | Video

    The Sword Maker

    As one of Japan's last remaining swordsmiths, Korehira Watanabe has honed his craft for 40 years.

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