Issue 58 | May 2012

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  • PicNet Users Group

    PicNet News

    PicNet User Group

    Take a look at some photos from the latest PicNet Users Group.

  • Productivity Declining

    Productivity | Article


    Australia's productivity is in decline and it cannot continue for much longer before it starts impacting our standard of living. So what can we do?.

  • Clean Up Your Code

    Software | Article

    Clean Up Your Code

    This series investigates how SOLID can help you build systems that are easier to extend and maintain over time.

  • Windows 8 Preview

    Infrastructure | Article

    Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    Featuring a brand new interface that re-invents the way Windows is used. Check it out here.

  • Customer Service for the Web

    Marketing | Article

    Customer Service for the Web

    Do the rules of customer service apply in the digital arena?

  • Billion Dollar Hippie

    Interesting | Video

    Billion Dollar Hippie

    A look at how important Californian hippy culture was to the late Apple co-founder's success.

  • Google Collaboration

    Interesting | Video

    Google Collaboration

    Some nice collaboration tools from Google.

  • World Trade Center

    Interesting | Video

    World Trade Center

    Watch this timelapse of the World Trade Center

  • Food Ad Tricks

    Interesting | Video

    Food Ad Tricks

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