March 2014
Iron Man Visual Effects

VFX Creates Unreal Realistic Explosions

Do you recall the dramatic scene in Iron Man 3 where Tony Stark’s luxurious Malibu mansion is blown up? This video documents the creative process as the computer generated house is destroyed - with the help of seriously sophisticated special effects.

Why Teens are Leaving Facebook

As the trend continues and hordes of teenagers abandon Facebook for other social networks, these teens sit down to explain why Facebook has lost its appeal.

Teens Talk Facebook

Tiny Top Gun

Welcome to the Jet World Masters championship - where the jets are fast, high-powered, and tiny. Watch as realistic model jet planes take the stage for some high-octane aerial performances.

Model Jet in Flight

Smartphone War Expands to Vehicles 

The question of whether your car will be compatible with your smartphone will become more important in the future as Apple, Microsoft, and Google each vie for superiority to create the best in-car entertainment system. With Apple's newly released 'CarPlay' product, the competition is heating up...

Apple CarPlay Interface

Funny Video

The Stig vs. Google Street View

When a technology giant meets a giant of the racing world, you get a race to remember as the Stig takes on the Google Street view car. There's even a street view map of the race here - take a peek to see who comes out on top.

The Stig and Google Street View Car

Funny Video

What if Google Was a Guy?

Considering the poorly worded searches that Google has to deal with, it does an amazing job. Especially when, like in this video - we imagine a real person trying to deal with the same thing...

If Google Was a Guy

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